Kayak rental rules „ KAJLUK ”

1. The rental of the equipment is subject to payment according to the current price list.
2. To show the ID card, passport, driving license, you must present a photo ID (photo ID, passport, driving license). The lender may only be an adult.
3. If the issuer considers the customer to be unreliable, he or she may refuse to rent the equipment without justification.
4. The person under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants will not be served.
5. The rental of the equipment takes place after the Lender has signed a material liability lease, which contains information on the review of this Regulation, the payment of dues and the retention of the identity document. At the moment of signing the aforementioned contract for rental equipment. The borrower bears full financial responsibility.
6.The borrower is obliged to check the condition of the rented equipment in terms of qualitative and quantitative and to give any possible comments for the equipment. The basic equipment of any floating equipment is the waistcoat and paddle, which the lender must use according to their intended purpose, and is fully responsible for compliance with safety rules.
7. Equipment returned to kayak rentals "KAJLUK" should be able to re-borrow (ie, as it was issued)
8.The collection and return of equipment takes place at the place previously determined by the Lending and rental kayak "KAJLUK".
9. There is the possibility of booking the equipment under conditions established with kayak rental "KAJLUK".
10.No return of equipment in the declared and paid date, the user bears an additional fee of PLN 15 for every 60 minutes of delay in relation to the initial rental time of the equipment.
11. Minors can only swim under the care of minors who bear full responsibility for them, for their conduct and possible damage.
12. Kayak rental company "KAJLUK" is not liable for accident, health or death of trainees.
13. Kayak rental company "KAJLUK" shall not be liable for any damages that may be left on its vehicles, and in particular for theft, damage, devastation, including damage caused by the forces of nature.
14. Prior to this, dates, places and times of end of rafting must be accepted by kayak rentals "KAJLUK" and may only be carried out under the terms of kayak rentals "KAJLUK".
15. Persons who violate the KAJLUK kayak rental regulations will be obliged to complete swimming equipment rental regardless of the time spent on the water without a refund.
16. The borrower is obliged to comply with the instructions given by KAJLUK kayak rentals and their authorized services.
17.With loss, theft and destruction (irreversible equipment (kayak, vests, oars), the lender returns its equivalent of 100% of the market price, irrespective of the degree of its depreciation.
18. All disputes in the first instance will be resolved amicably. In case of disagreement, the court responsible for the kayak rental "KAJLUK"


Rules of rafting
1.All the conditions contained in the regulations of kayak rentals "KAJLUK" refer also to organized races.
2. The organizer of the canoeing trip is the person reporting the need to book equipment for a group of people.
3. Trader Manager is responsible for the participants and for the rental equipment.
4. Minority persons may only be brought under the care of minors who bear full responsibility for them, for their conduct and possible damage.
5. The runner is responsible for the condition of the equipment, ie kayak, safety vest, paddle and other rental equipment before the raft organizer.
6. The runner is obliged to execute the Safety Runner's instructions.
7. There is an absolute ban on staying on the water under the influence of alcohol, drugs, intoxicants. It is also prohibited to consume alcohol, drugs, narcotic drugs or other similar activities while waiting for a swim
8. Decisions on the route selection, camping location, departure time are taken by the organizer of the raft.
9. In case of resignation of the Organizer from rafts more than 14 days before the date of its commencement, kayak rental "KAJLUK" reimburses the deposit paid on the day of advance payment. In the event of the Organizer's resignation less than 14 days before the start date or during the raft, the Organizer shall not be entitled to reimbursement of the amount paid. In case of downstream advance is 30% of the total cost of renting equipment.
10. The Organizer's Cancellation from the event can only be made in writing and must include the date of its submission. The date of the resignation is considered the date of the resignation.
11. KAJLUK Kayak Rentals has the right to cancel events for reasons beyond our control: force majeure, natural disasters, floods, warfare, epidemics, the decision of the authorities and other institutions.
12. The sign submitted by the Organizer on the lease agreement is subject to the approval of the KAJLUK kayak rental regulations.
13. The participants are obliged to observe the rules of safety on the water.


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